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Top 25 blogging SEO tips for 2022

Search Engine Optimization includes elements of Keyword Density which can be boosted by using your keywords repeatedly in the:

  • Title tag
  • Header tag
  • Comment tag
  • Body tag
  • Anchor tag
  • Image tag
  • Alt tag
  • Domain name, and
  • Paragraph tag

Like Thanksgiving Turkey, Search Engines Don’t Enjoy Stuffing: Avoid Keyword Stuffing

The ideal Keyword Density must not be greater than 5.5 percent. However, search engines have different thresholds before they apply penalties. In instances, high Keyword Densities can help boost page rankings but Search Engine Clicks doesn’t overdo it.

White Hat SEO Techniques vs. Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO = YouTube SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Long tail action-based keyword selection leads to increased business revenue

Long-tail titles using action words with action-based queries draw and attract users ready for the payment and are hungry to find what they want and to buy it. Targeting your audience will lose part of the potential audience but the ones you have filtered for will be more likely to buy.

Link Building Requires a Solid SEO Backlink Strategy


SEO Title Optimization

  1. SEO title optimization is to enrich the keywords in the title.
  2. Potential buyers might use these keywords when conducting a search.
  3. The search query targets the group that is interested in your product or services.

The optimal strategy is building longtail keyword title, not by using poorly selected action words as modifiers, but by researching the action words and phrases as well for maximum benefit.

Search Engine Optimization combines competitive keyword phrases to enrich the title

Let say, for instance, that you are trying to find seo services using their business revenue, particularly to help businesses having issues with revenue. Search Engine Clicks shows three competitive phrases:

  1. seo business benefits
  2. seo marketing
  3. seo marketing for increased revenue

Search Engine Clicks content development with SEO in mind chooses emphatically number three to build stronger search engine optimization campaigns and highest SERPs.