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Search Engine Clicks ’25 SEO Strategies to Rank Your Business Highest on Google’:

  1. When it comes to SEO: Work Smart, Not Hard…
  2. Start With Most Obvious Phrases to Lead to Success
  3. Map Out Your Keyword Theme
  4. Leverage Competitor Keywords: which keywords are the most lucrative
  5. Find Keywords which have sufficient search volume
  6. Value Creation: Content without value is spam
  7. Define Intent: Form & Function
  8. Be The Last Click: The Ultimate Goal: Be the absolute best result for your keyword query
  9. Completeness Always Over Content Length: Utterly satisfying a user’s search query.
  10. Smart Topic Modeling (Without A Computer); Natural Language Processing (NLP) deployed: incorporate your most important “related questions
  11. Remember E-A-T. Acronym for: Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness.
  12. CTR: Establish The First Click FACT: users make decisions about what to click in milliseconds
  13. Master On-Page SEO: tags, keywords….
  14. Schema is Everything: win the rich snippets war
  15. Make it Fast: Page Speed, Mobile Optimized
  16. Minimize Over-Optimization: Titles, URLs, Keyword Stuffing, Links: Appear natural to Algorithms
  17. Internal Links, Relevance, User Experience & Engagement Surrounded with a Central SEO Strategy for all pages.
  18. Link to your most topically related content when Linking Internally with Compelling Anchor Titles
  19. Content Hubs & Category Pages: Category pages often have morelink equity– target broader user intent than individual topic pages,
  20. Link Building- Establish links of highest value.
  21. Create Content that Exactly fills an Existing Need.
  22. Simple link gap analysis to Good Links See who’s ranking in Google for your target keyword (The Automated Approach)
  23. Link Building: “natural” link building marketing: Create content that earns more links over time!
  24. Deploy Whitehat Link Building Tactics- Search Engine Clicks deploys the best link building tactics which we invent.
  25. Keep It Refrigerator Fresh! Links, Content, Engagement

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